With Eiledon Hosting Solutions, you’ll gain access to a pretty simple to operate website generation tool. It is truly easy to use and master and it has a user interface that is guaranteed to be instantaneously familiar to everyone who has ever employed an admin area. The website generation tool boasts quite a lot of exceptional site designs which you can customize with just a click and create a website the way you like. Plus, each site theme is mobile–optimized, so your brand new website will be amazing on mobile phones from the get go.

The website generation tool is a component of the Eiledon Hosting Solutions Hosting Control Panel, present with all Linux cloud web hosting packages, Linux VPS packages, Linux semi-dedicated packages, and Linux dedicated servers hosting packages plans.

A simple to use website generation tool

No technical skills are needed

The most important feature of the Eiledon Hosting Solutions’s website generation tool is that it’s really plain to use. It relies on layout blocks which you can add, edit and re–arrange to your taste. In any moment, you have the option to embed images and videos, launch a blog, or place an image gallery on your site, all with just a click of the mouse.

You can do it all and develop a super cool site without having to type a line of HTML, CSS, etc.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A selection of fully customizable website templates

Amazing website templates that look impeccable on any type of device

With the website generation tool, you will have access to a selection of free–of–charge website themes for all kinds of websites like personal profiles, e–stores, community boards, to name a few.

Each site template comes in various designs and supports lots of color configurations. Also, you’ll have access to a large set of ready–made images and will be able to pick from more than 100 different fonts for your website. Every website template is optimized to work across all mobile devices. In case you wish to replace a selected site theme, you will be able to do that with a single click. All of the pages and modifications you’ve completed will be transferred over.

A selection of fully customizable website templates

Built–in helpdesk and how–to videos

Check out how straightforward it actually is to launch an online presence

The Eiledon Hosting Solutions’s website generation tool features a very useful help desk where you can discover a variety of how–to articles and videos that cover the most regularly asked questions by users.

They will assist you in case you have the desire to watch how to add a new page, how to change the color options of your website theme, how to add a blog module or even exactly how to switch your whole website theme.

In addition to that, we will also provide you with a support team that is available to you at any moment, all set to give an answer to all of your questions.

Video Tutorials