An electronic mailing list is a collection of email addresses which get the very same message simultaneously. When you send an e-mail message to the mailing list address, your message will be forwarded to all the email addresses on that list automatically, but none of the receivers will see the other recipients. Generally, one has to subscribe to a mailing list, but sometimes mailboxes are included manually without their owners’ awareness. Depending on the specific list administration software, you may also be able to add new subscribers, so people will not be able to register for your mailing list unless you authorize their request. The mailing list functionality is exceptionally useful if you wish to send newsletters on a regular basis or some other kind of regular publications to customers, as you will need to send only one single email and all of the subscribers will get it instantly. As a consequence, you won’t need to enter numerous email addresses manually.
Mailing Lists in Cloud Web Hosting
Each and every Linux cloud web hosting package that we’re offering will enable you to create multiple mailing lists and to manage them without any effort. You can choose the email address which will be associated with the mailing list and that will be used to send out email messages. You can select an administrator email address and password too. The Majordomo software that we use comes with numerous attributes, so you can add or remove mailing list subscribers, check a list of all existing members, and so on. You will be able to receive a full list of all presently available commands and functions if you send an email to with the word "help" in the body of the message. Creating or deleting an electronic mailing list is just as easy and requires just a couple of clicks in the Email Manager part of the Hepsia web hosting Control Panel.